The Merit Shop

The Merit Shop

What if money didn’t exist and all we had was talent?

In a world where the wealth gap is widening, we wanted to show that just because you don’t have a big bank account, doesn’t mean you are without value. So we launched The Merit Shop, where you buy things with a new form of currency - your creativity. The Merit Shop went viral with thousands of visits and hundreds of submissions from five continents. For a $300 investment, we sparked a global debate about the true nature of money and value.

Co-creator: Pedro Sampaio
Engineer: Joao Stein

The Shop

  • The Merit Shop - showcase project #1
  • The Merit Shop - showcase project #2


PR Quotes

  • “Just awesomness!”

  • “Wants to replace money with talent”

  • “sparks discussion about concepts of money and worth!”

  • “This is the new form of cash!”