Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy

The first gun-filled blockbuster that is actually against guns

Despite the fact that over 32,000 Americans die from gun violence every year, America still can’t seem to get enough of the latest Hollywood shoot’em-up thriller. So how could we make people realize the reality of exactly what they are salivating over? We made a movie and launched it as the latest big-budget gun-filled blockbuster. To generate excitement around the film, we created posters, a website and an official trailer. Fans were expecting another movie filled with guns, but this time the violence and death were real. The cast? Chosen from the 32,000 Americans killed by guns every year.

My role: ACD/ Art Director


  • Guncrazy - showcase project #1


In the leading up to the movie launch blockbuster like movie poster sparked attention. Once the movie was over we turned the posters around with the message “We need to change the way we look at guns.”

  • Guncrazy - showcase project #2
  • Guncrazy - showcase project #3


Making Off

  • Guncrazy - showcase project #4


  • “Gut wrenching. Dare I say brilliant!”

  • “America is flat-out gun crazy.”

  • “A ferocious exercise in storytelling.”