Encore for Enrico

Encore for Enrico

Using ideas to save a life

In early 2014 I started teaching at Miami Ad School. At the same time Enrico, a friend and ballet master, was diagnosed with a deadly liver disease. There is a treatment for it, but it was totally unaffordable for him. So instead of just another “ad-school briefing” I gave my students a real brief: To come up with ideas that would raise money for his medical treatment. In total we raised over $17,000 with several projects. Below you can see two of them.

My role: Creative Director, Instructor

What do you sell when you have no belongings? Memories. Memories for sale transformed Enrico’s life into posters and unique art pieces by designers and artists and sold them.

Creatives: Peter Hellmers, Kai Kailing Foo

The Performance That Might Never Live is a dance show that will be directed by Enrico Labayen under one condition: he survives Hepatitis C. Proceeds from ticket sales will pay his treatment costs. If we gather the money for Enrico’s cure and he gets better, the performance will happen in Spring 2015.

Creatives: Belen Marquez, Chamsseddine Abdelhafidh